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Assoc Prof Dr.Fan Wang | Psychiatry | Best Researcher Award

Beijing Huilongguan Hospital | China





Fan Wang, currently an Associate Professor at Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, has had a distinguished academic journey marked by a strong foundation in sleep disorder and psychosomatic medicine. His educational background and early academic achievements laid the groundwork for his significant contributions to these fields.


Fan Wang’s professional career is highlighted by his tenure as an Associate Professor at Beijing Huilongguan Hospital. His role involves not only teaching but also conducting groundbreaking research in sleep disorders and psychosomatic medicine. His professional endeavors are supported by a robust portfolio of published works and patents.


Fan Wang’s contributions to the field are extensive and impactful. His research focuses primarily on sleep disorders and psychosomatic medicine. Noteworthy contributions include:

  1. Investigating the relationship between late sleep in early pregnancy and early renal dysfunction, as well as its exacerbation of renal dysfunction in late pregnancy through systemic inflammatory responses.
  2. Exploring how inflammation in pregnant women who sleep late in early pregnancy contributes to cognitive impairment-related protein levels in late pregnancy.
  3. Studying how perinatal sleep deprivation promotes inflammation-induced renal function decline and increases levels of peripheral and central cognitive impairment-related proteins.


Fan Wang’s research has significant implications for public health, particularly in understanding and mitigating the risks associated with sleep disorders in pregnant women. His findings on the systemic effects of sleep deprivation and its impact on renal function and cognitive health have influenced clinical practices and public health policies.


Fan Wang has an impressive citation index with an H index of 20, reflecting the high impact and recognition of his work within the academic community. He has published seventy articles in reputable journals indexed by SCI and Scopus, demonstrating his prolific contributions to the field.


Fan Wang’s legacy in hydrogeology and psychosomatic medicine is marked by his innovative research and dedication to advancing knowledge in these areas. Looking ahead, he aims to continue his research on sleep disorders and their broader health impacts, contributing further to public health and clinical practices.



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Fan Wang | Psychiatry | Best Researcher Award

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