Dr. Yuzhen Long| Applied Psychophysiology |  Best Researcher Award

Dr. Yuzhen Long, China University of Mining & Technology-Beijing , China

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Yuzhen began her academic journey at Shenyang Aerospace University, where she studied Insurance from 2012 to 2016. This early focus provided her with a solid foundation in risk assessment and management principles, which later influenced her shift towards safety and emergency management.


After completing her undergraduate studies, Yuzhen worked as an Adjuster in the Claim Department at China PingAn Property Insurance Co., LTD from August 2016 to April 2017. This role involved assessing and processing insurance claims, further honing her skills in risk management and incident evaluation.


  • Currently, Yuzhen is pursuing her PhD at the China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing, specializing in Safety Science and Engineering. Her research primarily focuses on safety literacy, coal mine safety supervision, and the psychophysiological characteristics of workers during unsafe behaviors. Her notable publications include:
    1. Research on Evaluation of Safety Literacy Based on Social Network Analysis (Process Safety Progress, 2020): This study examines safety literacy using social network analysis methods.
    2. Forecasting Law Enforcement Frequency of Internet+ Coal Mine Safety Supervision (International Journal of Energy Sector Management, 2023): This paper forecasts the frequency of law enforcement in coal mine safety supervision using advanced analytical methods.
    3. Research on Psychophysiological Characteristics of Construction Workers During Consciously Unsafe Behaviors (Heliyon, 2023): This research explores the psychophysiological responses of construction workers during unsafe actions.
    4. Research on “Multi-Blind” Working Mechanism of Internet+ Coal Mine Safety Supervision (International Journal of Energy Sector Management, 2023): This study investigates the multi-blind mechanisms in coal mine safety supervision.
    5. Experimental Study on Emergency Psychophysiological and Behavioral Reactions to Coal Mining Accidents (Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, 2024): This paper delves into the emergency reactions of individuals during coal mining accidents.


Yuzhen’s work has had a significant impact on the field of emergency management and safety engineering. Her research on safety literacy and coal mine safety has contributed to better understanding and improving safety protocols and policies. Her studies on psychophysiological responses have provided insights into the behavioral aspects of safety management.


Yuzhen’s publications have been cited in various academic journals, indicating the influence and relevance of her research in the field. Her work is recognized for its methodological rigor and practical implications in enhancing safety standards in high-risk industries.


  • Looking ahead, Yuzhen aims to continue her research in safety science and engineering, with a focus on developing innovative solutions for emergency management and risk mitigation. Her future work is expected to further bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical application, making significant contributions to the field of safety engineering and beyond.
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