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Prof Dr. Qingchun Zeng , Southern Medical University, China

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πŸ“˜Academic and Professional Background

Dawei Zhang is a distinguished professor at Central China Normal University, serving as President of the China Academy of Urban Governance and Director of the Institute of Comparative Politics at the China Rural Research Institute. He has earned accolades such as the national Huo Yingdong Young Teacher Award and has published extensively, with over 100 papers and books.

πŸ” Areas of ResearchΒ 

  • His research focuses on comparative governance systems, particularly distinguishing between formal and informal governance frameworks between China and the West. His contributions include pioneering the concept of “Semi-Formal Governance,” widely recognized in international academic circles.

πŸ† Achievements

  • Huo Yingdong Young Teacher Award, Ministry of Education (2018)
  • National Civil Affairs Theory Research Achievement Award, Ministry of Civil Affairs (2020, 2021)
  • Fei Xiaotong Field Research Award, State Council Counselor’s Office (2021)
  • Hubei Provincial Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award (2016)

πŸ“˜ Publications

  • Comparative Social Support: A Study of Community Correction Subjects (China Social Science Press, 2024)
  • Rediscovering Consultation: Grassroots Consultative Governance with Chinese Characteristics (Social Sciences Academic Press, 2024)
  • Community Correction (Jiangsu People’s Publishing House, 2024)

🌐 Professional Memberships and Editorial Roles

  • Expert member of the Global Participatory Governance Commission
  • Editorial board member for journals such as China Rural Studies and Social Policy Research

🌟 Consultancy and Industry Projects

  • “Building a new type of community oriented towards eliminating urban-rural differences” (Ministry of Civil Affairs, 2020)
  • “The Practice of Whole-Process People’s Democracy: China’s Local Government Response Index Report” (Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, 2022)

πŸ“– Journals and Citations

  • Published in prestigious journals including Humanities and Social Sciences Communications and Urban Forestry & Urban Greening.

πŸ”— Social Impact

Active participant in policy formulation and governance improvement, enhancing community development through innovative research and consultancy.

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