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Mr. Wajid Khan | Information Engineering |  Best Researcher Award

Mr. Wajid Khan, Tianjin University , China

Professional Profile




Wajid Khan holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. His undergraduate years were marked by a profound passion for the field and a commitment to academic excellence. Engaging in various research activities, Wajid demonstrated his dedication and produced a notable publication that highlights his early contributions to electrical engineering.


Currently, Wajid is pursuing his MS in Electrical Information and Communication Engineering at Tianjin University. Under the expert supervision of Professor Feng Renhai, he is delving deeper into his field, focusing on critical areas such as renewable energy and power system stability. This advanced education and hands-on research are shaping him into a knowledgeable and skilled professional.


  • Wajid’s research is centered on cutting-edge topics, particularly renewable energy and power system stability. These areas are vital for sustainable development, and his work is contributing to addressing some of the most pressing challenges in the field. His dedication is evident through his involvement in high-impact research projects, highlighting his commitment to advancing knowledge and technology in electrical engineering.


Working closely with Professor Feng Renhai has provided Wajid with invaluable experience and insight. This collaboration has allowed him to deepen his understanding of critical issues in electrical engineering and contribute meaningfully to the academic and professional community. His research not only advances theoretical knowledge but also has practical implications for solving real-world problems.


Wajid’s academic journey is marked by significant achievements, including a notable publication during his undergraduate studies. This accomplishment underscores his dedication to research and his ability to contribute valuable insights to the field. His ongoing work continues to build on this foundation, promising further contributions and advancements.


As Wajid continues his graduate studies, he is eager to expand his knowledge and make meaningful contributions to the field of electrical engineering. His goal is to drive innovation and have a positive impact on sustainable energy solutions. Wajid’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge ensures that his legacy will include significant advancements in electrical engineering and contributions to a more sustainable future.



Transient Stability Analysis of Electrical Power Systems using Polynomial Approximation based Galerkin Method

Authors: Li, Z., Khan, W., Wang, J., Wan, C., Feng, R.
Conference: 2023 5th International Conference on Power and Energy Technology, ICPET 2023
Pages: 1235–1240
Year: 2023

A Systematic Novel Implementation on Photovoltaic Power, Wind Energy and Solar Energy Models

Authors: Lei, Y., Khan, W., Wu, Y., Liu, Y., Feng, R.
Journal: Proceedings of SPIE – The International Society for Optical Engineering
Volume: 12594
Issue: N/A
Pages: 125940W
Year: 2023

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