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Mr.Qinghua Guo , The Sixth Hospital of Peking University , China

Professional Profile



🎓 Academic and Professional Background:

  • Guo Qinghua is an accomplished nurse practitioner with a strong academic foundation and extensive clinical experience. She earned her Master of Nursing from Peking University (2022 – Present) and her Bachelor of Nursing from Shanxi Medical University (2013 – 2017). Since 2017, she has been a vital part of the Outpatient Department at The Sixth Hospital of Peking University.

👨‍🏫 Research and Innovations

  • Guo Qinghua has led pioneering research in cognitive function risk prediction and the application of smart devices in medical restraints. Her notable projects include the construction and validation of a machine learning-based predictive model for cognitive function risk in patients with major depressive disorder after electroconvulsive therapy and the effectiveness analysis of mobile smart devices based on IoT technology.

🔬 Research Interests

  • Nursing interventions for depression, cognitive impairment, and electroconvulsive shock.

📚Key Publications:

  • “Efficacy and Safety of Eight Enhanced Therapies for Treatment-Resistant Depression: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis of RCTs” – Psychiatry Research, 2024
  • “Long-term cognitive effects of electroconvulsive therapy in major depressive disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis” – Psychiatry Research, 2024
  • “Individualized psychological care in depressed patients with psychotic symptoms” – Nursing Research, 2021


  • New protective restraining belts
  • A real-time monitoring system for smart restraining belts

🤝  Collaborations and Memberships:

Guo collaborates with Dean Shaomei Shang from Peking University School of Nursing on “Research and Application of Internet+ Geriatric Care Technology.” She is an active member of the Evidence-based Committee and the Spiritual Specialized Committee of the Chinese Nursing Association.


📚  Contributions

  • Guo Qinghua’s work on Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) involves a comprehensive network meta-analysis of 72 randomized controlled trials. Her research highlights the superior efficacy and safety of ECT, Ketamine, Esketamine, and Psilocybin for TRD, providing critical insights for clinical practice and enhancing treatment outcomes with evidence-based recommendations.

  • Long-term cognitive effects of electroconvulsive therapy in major depressive disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis
    • Author: Guo, Q., Wang, Y., Guo, L., Zhang, X., Shang, S.
      Journal: Psychiatry Research
      Citation: 2024, 331, 115611
      Volume: 331
      Year: 2024
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