Dr.Rong Liu | Nutrition | Best Researcher Award

Dr.Rong Liu , China agricultural university , China

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🎓 Academic and Professional Background

Prof. Rong Liu is a distinguished nutritionist with a profound focus on liver protection and gut microbiota. With a strong academic background and extensive research experience, Prof. Liu has made significant contributions to the field of nutrition.

🔬 Research Interests

    • Nutrition, with a focus on liver protection and gut microbiota regulation.

📚  Contributions

  • Prof. Rong Liu’s research centers on the polysaccharides of Codonopsis pilosula (CPP), a key component known for its liver-protective properties. Her recent studies highlight the ability of CPP to alleviate liver injuries induced by mycotoxins like sterigmatocystin (STC). By reducing liver inflammation, oxidative stress, and hepatocyte apoptosis, CPP demonstrates significant protective effects. Furthermore, Prof. Liu’s work reveals that CPP modulates gut microbiota diversity and richness, suggesting its role in mitigating gut microbiota dysbiosis related to liver injury. This research opens new avenues for the application of CPP in food, healthcare products, and medicine, enhancing our understanding of its therapeutic potential.
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